Process Guarantees

The warranty period for the rackets is 6 months from the date of purchase by the final customer of the item. To document it, the POWER PADEL hologram with the serial number and the final customer's purchase invoice is essential in the event that it has been sold to the distributor on a date greater than six months.

The guarantee of a racket is processed in POWER PADEL, the derived expenses will be paid by the client. If the POWER PADEL guarantee is accepted, it will send the replacement or repaired racket to the address indicated by the customer, taking over the transportation costs. In case of not being a guarantee, the client must send to pick up the shovel or it will be sent postage due, according to the client's decision.

The collection will be made within a maximum of 15 calendar days after the communication by POWER PADEL to the client of the negative resolution of the guarantee. In case of not picking up the shovel, it will be destroyed.

A guarantee of a racket that has been tampered with will never be processed, it is understood by tampered with that the fist and grip have been removed.

No guarantees will be processed for blades with the hologram manipulated, erased or removed.